We're a large family who have lived in Georgia for over twenty years. Originally from south Florida, we were inspired by Georgia's beautiful change of seasons and gentle hospitality and made the move. We are fitness and health enthusiasts, and know the value of quiet peace, relaxation, and making time for yourself.

We were initially drawn to Little L Estate's tranquility and southern charm. But as we spent more and more time there, we discovered how perfect it was for hosting vibrant family gatherings.When your family and friends are sitting around the large pool, or your dog is resting in your lap on the front porch swing, there's a tranquility that envelops you. We love the way this house brings us together. It is what made us choose this place, and what we hope to pass along to you.

We hope you feel the same way every time you stay at Little L Estate.       Bring your family and friends and find your peace at Little L Estate.